FoodservicePro Europe has the purpose bringing together a select group of European wholesalers, which share common interests for the European Foodservice market.

Information exchange, best practices, buying power, knowledge, … all these are necessary to bring value for the foodservice customer of tomorrow.

FoodservicePro members include:

  • Sligro (The Netherlands)
  • De Kweker (The Netherlands)
  • Ekran (Iceland)
  • La Provençale (Luxembourg)
  • Pistor (Switzeland)
  • France Frais (France)
  • AMH (Spain)
  • Dewender Food Logistics (Germany)
  • Bloc (Belgium)
  • JAVA Foodservice (Belgium)


FoodservicePro Event 2017

9 & 10 March 2017, Sligro (Veghel, Netherlands)

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