FoodservicePro Event

9th & 10th March 2017


The FoodservicePro Europe has the purpose bringing together a select group of European wholesalers, which share common interests for the European Foodservice market. Information exchange, best practices, buying power, knowledge, … all these are necessary to bring value for the foodservice customer of tomorrow.

With the FoodservicePro Event, the member Foodservice wholesalers want to achieve this together.

Following wholesalers have confirmed to attend:

  • Sligro Food Group (Netherlands)
  • JAVA Foodservice (Belgium)
  • La Provencale (Luxemburg)
  • Pistor (Swiss)
  • Alimpex (Tjechie)
  • France Frais (France)
  • AMH (Spain)
  • DFS (Germany)
  • De Kweker (Netherlands)
  • Ekran (Iceland)
  • Thomas Hoi (Denmark)
  • Fairways (UK)

From the participating foodservice companies, both CEO’s and main buyers will be at the summit.

You will have the possibilities to meet the top European Foodservice companies and have privileged meetings with their CEO’s and chief buyers.

The aim is to have a broad and select, in both number and quality, suppliers who can be of interest for the member Foodservice companies.

The aim is to have maximum 30 participating suppliers.

Practical Information

What’s included?

  • 1 booth including 1 table and 2 chairs
  • CEO dinner at Friday evening
  • Hotel and transportation are not included

Day Schedule 10th March

The event takes place on 10th March, at the Sligro venue in Veghel, Netherlands.

9u – 11u30: arrival and setup

11u30 – 12u: general presentation and information

12u: lunch (included)

12u-12u30: visit of the new ‘Zin Center’ of Sligro

13u – 17u: meetings with wholesalers

17u-18u: wrap up

19u: dinner (location to be confirmed)

Following suppliers have already signed in:

  • Verstegen spices (The Netherlands)
  • Ganda ham (Belgium)
  • The JAVA Coffee Company (Belgium)
  • Libeert – Chocolates (Belgium)
  • Alimpex (Tjechië)
  • Delisol (Belgium)

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